There is much more in it …

… or one may also say: there is much less in it.
This year’s development of the relationship between Cuba and the USNA came surely for many as surprise – and though I discussed aspects of it since some time with the colleagues from CIPI in Havana, I did not foresee this speed and depth of the development, and surely nobody in the room did.
Still, there is something that let’s many of hesitating when it comes to the overall assessment – and the skepticism had been conformed another time, namely on the 27th, when
economic sanctions, which have caused some US$833.8 billion in damage to the Caribbean island
making the life of people harder, before they allow them to continue their work of further developing the country?
There is another detail that is worthwhile to be considered in this context and that clearly allows us to see what US-politics are about: put negatively it is definitely not about the interest of any people, not even the Americans. The day they voted against the Cuban people, they voted against their own people by another decision:
 In this light, the is surely much less in the honesty and respectability in USNA-politics than it seems to be at first glance.