small leaps

“The concept of progress is to be founded in the idea of catastrophe. The catastrophe is that it goes on “like this”. It is not what is imminent in each case, but what is given in each case. Strindberg’s thought: hell is not something that is in store for us – but this life here. Salvation adheres to the small leap in the continuous catastrophe.”
(Walter Benjamin)

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Not the Grand Finale … – … Yet

Not even in terms of work – remember Engels’ remark on labour and work, qualifying work as the activity that is paid for by wages, labour a (specific) physical activity. Still, it is time to say another time good-bye as done earlier (and here)  – this time from a sideline activity, I could without much exaggeration … Leggi tutto Not the Grand Finale … – … Yet

Why not?

Nowadays, it is so often that we receive emails or messages on the answer phone, informing that at the moment an increasing number of mails and phone calls has to be looked after – so they ask for understanding that things take a little bit longer. In particular since the outbreak of corona pandemic’s outbreak … Leggi tutto Why not?