small leaps

“The concept of progress is to be founded in the idea of catastrophe. The catastrophe is that it goes on “like this”. It is not what is imminent in each case, but what is given in each case. Strindberg’s thought: hell is not something that is in store for us – but this life here. Salvation adheres to the small leap in the continuous catastrophe.”
(Walter Benjamin)

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New year … why so sad?

The German broadcaster ARD – the 1st of January 2022; it is seven o’clock my time, 24 hrs/midnight GEZ + 1 . Some sentences like these are taken out of the New Years Address of the new German Chancler ( YouTube-transscript in German language followed bueieiòlAQW own translation ) liebe mitbürgerinnen und mitbürger heute geht ein jahr zu ende dass einige … Leggi tutto New year … why so sad?

中心研究员Peter Herrmann受邀参加“全球经济政策反思:政治经济学的考量—世界政治经济学学会第15届论坛”

From 2021年12月18至19日,由世界政治经济学学会与上海外国语大学联合举办的“全球经济政策反思:政治经济学的考量—世界政治经济学学会第15届论坛”在上海召开,来自40多个国家近300名学者通过线上或线下方式对诸多议题进行了充分研讨。 欧洲科学与艺术学院院士、中南大学人权研究中心研究员Peter Herrmann受邀参加会议。 在本届论坛第一次全体会议上,Peter Herrmann询问政治经济学如何失去其重点,而将其能力赋予到作为肯定性学科的微观经济学和宏观经济学之中。他强调为了人类发展全球视野所必须解决的五个领域: 政府的复杂性和有限的治理范围; 问题的个性化及其作为社会威胁的出现; 丰富的知识及其对技能的误导; 社会富裕与获取不平等; 商品生产过剩和商品变成“坏品” 更重要的是,Peter Herrmann强调 “经济 “只是对规范的反映和实施,也就是说,它只是一套规则。这也意味着,争取人权的斗争必须被看作是为经济活动制定框架的问题。

moving Globalisation further …

making globalisation more userfriendly for those who work with others ‘across the time line’: establishing a “global time”. It is like coming from here and moving towards “unity” Now, think about unity and entity — and the difference between them the increasing independence of work, as consequence of electric light, climate independent energy (agency climate … Leggi tutto moving Globalisation further …