small leaps

“The concept of progress is to be founded in the idea of catastrophe. The catastrophe is that it goes on “like this”. It is not what is imminent in each case, but what is given in each case. Strindberg’s thought: hell is not something that is in store for us – but this life here. Salvation adheres to the small leap in the continuous catastrophe.”
(Walter Benjamin)

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The boys threw shore pebbles into the splintering glass parquet, the various impact sounds at the end of the arches abundantly clear in the silence. Armin watched the wave circles: their flight from the centre to distance, their obstinacy in crossing other circles running in opposite directions, passing through each other unharmed! Imagine: we could … Leggi tutto Realities

an accident?

Well, it may be that it is really one, but even if this is the case it can make us thinking. Only recently Iearned that the London Stock Exchange, reasonabky well know to me from analysing economic developments, is also well known as LSE. For me this always had another connotation, standing for the London … Leggi tutto an accident?

Communication Society

The following is quasi the introduction, not launching the blog, but launching the … well, it is called relaunch. A New Outlook, and a new name – what had been, is now – the name stands for the content – living between Inferno, Purgatorio e Paradiso; but it is also a homage to … Leggi tutto Communication Society