small leaps

“The concept of progress is to be founded in the idea of catastrophe. The catastrophe is that it goes on “like this”. It is not what is imminent in each case, but what is given in each case. Strindberg’s thought: hell is not something that is in store for us – but this life here. Salvation adheres to the small leap in the continuous catastrophe.”
(Walter Benjamin)

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Disappointment-the old white men, grumpy, as he lost the privileged, elitist status?

I knew it (though I kind of denied it, wanted not to think it would be real), as we talked while back about my “Higher Diplomas” in Ireland – I definitely should say “our HDips”, as Joe played an important role too: principal teacher and course director, though really important: the more or less small…

Control Yourself

Control Yourself Isn’t it another paradox – or at least another formulation of various paradoxa? Being “social beings” is in itself a kind of paradox, if we consider that the social is something that is permanently changing, this making being in a strict sense impossible: Bing is having been and becoming at the very moment…

academia between enchantment – disenchantment

For only fools, fanatics, and mental cases can stand living at the highest pitch of soul; a sane person must be content with declaring that life would not be worth living without a spark of that mysterious fire. [1] It is a fundamental challenge of scientific thinking: if disenchantment is the ultimate goal, it is at…