People of poets and thinkers

Das Volk der Dichter und Denker (people of poets and thinkers) — an often used phrase to characterise the Germans. While there is always the thought of the nearness of Richter und Henker (the judges and hangmen), something else employs since some days my mind. Properly understood only when using the German language, the reflection behind it may be worthwhile to be spelled out, not only these days and not only characterising the German way of thinking. It is about news, in German frequently the term Nachrichten being used as synonym.

So, in German language … – we may think of the following

Nach-richten als Richten des Neuen in das Vor-Gedachte.

The English equivalent is about news as adjustment of what is new in line with what had been thought before. Well, in German language it is more like a pun, still the meaning should come across … valid nearly everywhere (as we know from Wittgenstein, anyway).


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