what did I say?

calling a helpline ….

– actually I asked via internet the company to call me: a special offer to make service easier for me. Somebody called back, immediately after I logged my request. A broad American accent guiding me through my questions concerning migration. Well, that is how the transfer of data from one computer to another is called.

And if you have any further question I will be happy to help. Just call again.

As it is a bit tricky to find the site from which one can request this service, I asked if I could get a direct number.

That isn’t really possible as I am calling from America. But I can give you a number from your region. Just a sec. I will check that out for you. ….

Soon afterward he gave me a number and this call could be ended. I checked the number on the display … +353 21 …. Obviously Cork in Ireland. Less obvious is the fact that Ireland seems to be now one of the states, like Texas, Delaware and the others … usually it is said that there are 50 states united. But apparently that is a wrong number and Ireland should be added. There is a but as I recently posted something to the same company, in fact I had been asked to send it to an address in The Netherlands. May be, there is another state to be added? And how many others may be hidden this way?

Perhaps that is another reason that company claims for not paying taxes … they already established their own state?

Fruit is in the name then …

from: https://grossmaggul.de/fauler-apfel/

Reminding me of United Fruits, for which I found something inoffiziell but telling

from: https://www.nytimes.com/2008/03/02/books/review/Kurtz-Phelan-t.html

Isn’t there also some United Colours company?

I suppose there are more answers given already, sometimes we just do not dare to ask the question.


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