Times changed – will times change

It is today that Barack Obama visits Cuba – and

Che Guevara’s Son says Obama will visit an Independent Cuba.

It is the second time a U.S. President pays a visit. While calculating GDP-rates, their global development across different sectors and ventilating the perspectives for the development of the Cuban economy for a new era, with this preparing my own visit (it will give me the opportunity to join the discussion on the future economic development in a way that maintains the foundations of an alternative to being absorbed in global capitalism), it is time to look again a bit more into the question of the small island nation that plays such a great role in the global context. The previous president’s “visit” by an U.S. president was in 1928. As an interesting comment from the Granma says it

was Calvin Coolidge, who landed in Havana in January of 1928.

Here is the original

here a translation into English.

Some more background info on Cuba can be found here in the info-service telesurvtv, especially no the Latinamericas and from their perspective. And also in Charles McKelvey’s blog here.



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