Migration … and Beyond: A Country of Criminals

We are still and rightly very much concerned by the problems around migration in Europe, the problems not least being governments that now use tear gas against the victims: Europe, and surely also and not least the USNA are very much the responsible forces behind a world order that created a periphery that is now under such distress that also internal factors as war-mongering, religious fundamentalism, corruption that serves an unjust distribution etc. cause an exodus. There is surely no easy fix – and equally sure is that the Hungarian move to teargas refugees is counterproductive and lacks and political and humanitarian perspective.

But there is actually a wider perspective that came to my mind the other day.

We are living in a society where it makes some headline if somebody states matters that seem to be more than obvious – and that may even lead a candidate in the USNA to victory:

We cannot fix our criminal justice system if corporations are allowed to profit from mass incarceration. Keeping human beings in jail for long periods of time must no longer be an acceptable business model in America.

These are the words of Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, in connection with launching a Bill To improve Federal sentencing and corrections practices, and for other purposes.

It may be surprising, that such statement deserves to be highlighted.

But looking at the fact, it is only little surprising as Detention means big money for for-profit prisons.

There is one point that is of immediate interest in connection with migration – though not yet in Europe. In a report by from Telsur we read:

The bill also seeks to eliminate the requirement that the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) meets a 34,000 bed quota, which has similarly resulted in the mass detention and exploitation of undocumented people for profit.

And of course, economists like Freedman and Hayek would simply refer to some value-free thinking – in fact, what they mean, is: human beings are not valued as such, and Orban dares to state

There is no fundamental right to a better life

One may be wondering about the seemingly unlimited rights to ignorance right-wing politician can claim. Realistically, as Majkowska-Tomkin, head of the IOM’s Hungary office, stated

From my perspective Hungary needs to respect its international obligations and allow people to claim asylum and provide facilities for them that are adequate for their condition

Btw. all this should also be seen in the context of the general tightening of drawing border stricter, also within the EU by limiting the freedom of persons, as shortly described here; for those who do not want to read the full text of the relevant judgment; and also by sanctioning refugees now in Germany, the country that frequently had been celebrated over the last days and weeks for its generosity …


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