Ireland: Good example for sheepish forbearance?

Recently I had been told that here in Hungary Ireland is widely presented as good example foe remaining calm and considered while facing the crisis and dealing with current politics. Surely I am not pleading for trusting polls, statistics or even elections. But this view on the new electoral contest in Greece may be of some interest when it comes to the search of “good examples”:
Having recently met Alexis Tsipras from Syriza surely leaves me with mixed feelings about the range we (and this we refers in rather general terms to those who are fed up with being treated as Marionettes of clearly definable interests) have at our disposal. At least the meeting in Athens made clear (and later this had been explicitly articulated and officially declared in a meeting in Berlin), that it is too simple to blame the EU. In a resolution with 6 points, it is urged for a “reformed Eurozone” – in the document this notion is frequently highlighted and the way is outlined in several concrete points.
Rather than serving as example of good example of sheepish forbearance, the referendum on the E-Un-constitutional instrument should be used for thinking about good practice not of a simple NO but as a focus of a constructive debate on sound economic alternatives rather than the moral discomfort.

Just having it handy, the following sentence from Marx’ Critique of the Gotha Program may also be of interest – against the rant, in favour of clear analysis:

Do not the bourgeois assert that the present-day distribution is “fair”? And is it not, in fact, the only “fair” distribution on the basis of the present-day mode of production? Are economic relations regulated by legal conceptions, or do not, on the contrary, legal relations arise out of economic ones?

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