Valdivia – Leftraro

It is some time ago that I published a poem here – and if I remember correctly it had been then as well a poem written by Rayen Kvyeh. We do not have much contact – Rayen, Mapuche, living in an area that is occupied by Chile, myself living somewhere in Europe. But contact is a strange thing … – as strange as time is a rare thing.

However, dedicating some time to her beautiful poems may give actually provides some time, gives energy for the daily struggles, and reminds us of things that are important.

So I translated another of Rayen’s poems – for her, but also for Leyla Zana who had been recently sentenced by a Turkish Court for her brave engagement for the Kurdish people.

There is a link, a rather close link – and a wide arch spanning over this:

I met both last year in Munich, Orhan, a German-Kurdish friend, introduced me to Rayen and to Leyla (though I actually met Leyla already earlier that year). Pride – pride founded on the knowledge of injustice. And conviction going hand in hand with openess. I hope this poem will be some support in what we can only achieve by going together…

And perhaps all this is also something where one may draw a little link to the upcoming referendum in Ireland ….

Valdivia – Leftraro

Eye to eye

Europe – Indo-America

The empire – the People

Ruling – Freedom

Gold – Roots

Palace – Tree of the World

Death – Life

Don Pedro de Valdivia,

Leader of the army

Of the empire of Carlos the Vth.


In a shiny armour

Made from silver and gold.


Son of the earth.

Valdivia, experienced strategist,

Vanquisher from Flanders and America.

His sword knows

Fame and honour of the empire.

Leftraro …

Energy and knowledge

Of the forest

Valdivia stares at him, full of hatred

But she doesn’t understand anything.

The flunky, the bondsman,




In favour of the defence of the Spanish crown,

Challenges him, to fight

Face to Face

Brings extreme danger into his life,

Danger for his rule,

The empire.


She understands within a blink of an eye,

That his ideology of subordination

Did not fall on a fertile ground.

He tries

With all his power

To defend faith and power.

At the end of the day,

Forgotten for ever,

The stars make a deep bow,

Kissing the earth.

Leftraro and Valdivia

They are fighting with lasting strength

For their life.

Valdivia succumbs.

A rainbow

Welding together never ending melodies

Endearingly it overframes the earth

… The birds are chirping

Heralding the message,

The new chorus of freedom.

From: Rayen Kvyeh: Wvne Coyvn Ñi Kvyeh

(Moon of the first blossoms)


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