Real Freedom of Choice Limited by Freedom of Market

Things happen – recently I bought much in advance a flight ticket and now it turns out that I don’t need it. A loss of approximately 80 Euro. Checked carriers website: aerlingus. I can avail of the taxes and fees being paid back: 29 Euro. The point there is: they charge 20 Euro admin fee. There is another option – perhaps somebody is interested in the ticket – a name change is possible. For a price of 100 Euro – this is free market, this is aerlingus. There may be a good reason behind the fact that it is extremely difficult to contact these people via phone or even via e-mail. …

And we can learn that reason is apparently not linked to the term reasonable. Nor has it anything to do with sanity. It is just the bold for of freedom of the market – lacking any kind of ratio except the orientation of a high profit ratio.

The picture shows what all this is about – faitrauen, the new term for stultification.


Add, posted by the German Bank/Deutsche Bank AG
fairtrauen - the new term for stultification


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