Lectionis et Seminario – De sociali et politica in Europea

European Integration – a failed political and social union?

2017 S. BA-Course at the University of Vienna, Department of Political Science.

A series of fifteen sessions delivered at the University of Vienna, Department of Political Science. The series is looking at the process of European integration – a wide topic looked at under the guiding question if EUrope failed to deliver the ambitious perspective of establishing a political and social union. The answer is by the present author given in somewhat negative terms: we cannot really say that the EU-institutions failed to reach the target of a political and social union … – it is worse: such targets never existed. So, we have to be clear in our critique. This means not least that we are challenged – and may gain sufficient insight – to develop the EU to something meaningful – meaningful not for the people but a reflection by the people – men make their own history, but it is not only the nightmare of the past, it is also a matter of the conditions of the still present hegemons who employ gatekeepers of different kind – even if the princes today wear the clothes of normal people, it is very much about behind the veils of the most expensive princely garments.

The various sessions, of which the recordings [German language] are available, present the historical development, some key issues and relevant theories in a more or less narrative way.

Social management – brief overview and introduction

A brief look at social management is given in a lecture to students at Plekanov university and can be accessed on my YouTube channel.

Preparing the presentation was interesting, as actually on the Internet the search for social management does not show any results anymore …. – only issues around social media are schowing up. So, in this light the reflections may be of some special interest also historically.

The power of love – the love of power … The need for genuine truth

I am sure many of you know it:
– apparently “one of these videos”, going viral … (sorry, it is youtube but you may manage – or look for “What Did I Do Is For Your Own Good」 – Shanghai Rainbow Chamber Singers”
Can make somebody who is working in third level education thinking …, about “towards what” are we teaching, and also thinking about the doctor and professor uncles and aunties …
There it is also said it would be about love … or something this way. And sure it is: love of people, love of the job and career in terms of “commitment” and “inner devotion”, what Max Weber had in mind when he speaks of personal calling (see e.g. in Economy and Society in the paragraph on Prophet versus Priest; and of course, when he looks as Politics as Vocation and Science as Vocation.
And this is surely something we – as students and teachers (i.e. eternal students) – have to emphasises: it is the love to truth. Something that means also the readiness to engage, eve if it possibly painful at times.
I was thinking about this the other day, when reading an article, dealing with Trump’s “real moves” now.
No, nobody can claim “But I did not know.” And we all have it remember

First they came for the Jews
and I did not speak out
because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for the Communists
and I did not speak out
because I was not a Communist.
Then they came for the trade unionists
and I did not speak out
because I was not a trade unionist.
Then they came for me
and there was no one left
to speak out for me.

Last Sunday I spoke to a friend, also saying: yes, he is dangerous – but sometimes I think the many distractions we saw for instance as determining the recent Davos-Agenda are more dangerous, hiding the agenda  behind …, yes, exactly, behind words of love …..
And yes, harshness of Trump makes if too often forgetting what is behind some of those declarations, makes us forget that others standing the second row, calling for a new leadership. And it makes us equally easily forgetting or overlooking that it is still relevant to speak about
and how they work today, in the supposed of the open community, with the five rules of providing encyclopedic knowledge, written from a neutral point of view, (re)presenting free content – free to us, edit and distribute – offered by people who treat each other with respect and civility, without firm rules, and available where we find all the Wisdom of the Wide World — may be that, while I wrote on “New Princedoms“, I should have asked as well if these New Princedoms are also about repulsing women’s status on a new level.
Power and love is not only a topic for feminism (just some ideas are outlined here;  but .., yes, also for where we, the old and the young want to go together.
Anyway, all the best for the new year …, the year of rooster …, we have to give the bird some wings …!! And talk also about power again … – and the contradictions of hegemonic systems, systems where we can apparently only succeed by using those instruments against which we fight …

… 1st of May …

Still to be remembered – Still and again to be thought about

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Hier eine andere Version in Deutsch – mit Music

Cornelia Petmecky rezitiert



Non han ne gli sbarrati occhi una lacrima,
Ma digrignano i denti e a’ telai stanno.
Tessiam, Germania, il tuo lenzuolo funebre,
E tre maledizion l’ordito fanno –
Tessiam, tessiam, tessiamo!

Maledetto il buon Dio! Noi lo pregammo
Ne le misere fami, a i freddi inverni:
Lo pregammo, e sperammo, ed aspettammo:
Egli, il buon Dio, ci saziò di scherni.
Tessiam, tessiam, tessiamo!

E maledetto il re! de i gentiluomini,
De i ricchi il re, che viscere non ha:
Ei ci ha spremuto infin l’ultimo picciolo,
Or come cani mitragliar ci fa.
Tessiam, tessiam, tessiamo!

Maledetta la patria, ove alta solo
Cresce l’infamia e l’abominazione!
Ovo ogni gentil fiore è pesto al suolo,
E i vermi ingrassa la corruzione.
Tessiam, tessiam, tessiamo!

Vola la spola ed il telaio scricchiola,
Noi tessiamo affannosi e notte e dì:
Tessiam, vecchia Germania, il lenzuol funebre Tuo, che di tre maledizion s’ordì.
Tessiam, tessiam, tessiamo!


No tears in their eyes, darkened by gloom,
They snarl, sitting by the loom:
Germany, we weave your shroud, bit by bit,
And it is the triple curse that we weave in it –
We are weaving, we are weaving!A curse to the God, whom we used to pray
In the cold of winder, every hungry day;
We hoped in vain, we waited in vain,
He has mocked us, fooled us in our pain –
We are weaving, we are weaving!

A curse to the king, the king of the wealthy,
Who could not be moved by our misery,
Who squeezed from us our last penny,
And like dogs, let us be shot and die in agony –
We are weaving, we are weaving!

A curse to our fake country,
Where every flower gets snapped too early,
Where only shame and infamy can thrive,
Where rottenness and decay keep the worms alive –
We are weaving, we are weaving!

The shuttle flies, the loom crackles loud
Old Germany, we are weaving your shroud,
We weave day and night, we do not quit –
And it is the triple curse that we weave in it,
We are weaving , we are weaving!


Aucune larme dans leurs yeux attristés,
Ils montrent les dents, assis au métier:
Allemagne, c’est ton linceul que nous tissons,
Nous melons à la trame la triple malédiction –
Nous tissons, nous tissons!Maudit soit le Dieu que nous avons prié,
Il nous a trahi, trompé, berné;
Nous avons espéré en vain, attendu en vain,
Durant le froid de l’hiver, le besoin, la faim –
Nous tissons, nous tissons!Maudit soit le roi, le roi des richards,
Que notre misère ne put émouvoir,
Qui nous soutira notre tout dernier denier,
Et qui, comme des chiens, nous fit fusiller –
Nous tissons, nous tissons!Maudite soit la fausse patrie,
Où ne prospèrent que honte et infamie,
Où chaque fleur, bien trop tôt, se fait cueillir,
Où les vers se récréent dans la pourriture –
Nous tissons, nous tissons!La navette vole, le métier continue à claquer,
Nous tissons jour et nuit, appliqués –
Vieille Allemagne, c’est ton linceul que nous tissons,
Nous melons à la trame la triple malédiction,
Nous tissons, nous tissons!


 Im düstern Auge keine Träne

Sie sitzen am Webstuhl und fletschen
die Zähne:
Deutschland, wir weben dein Leichentuch,
Wir weben hinein den dreifachen Fluch –
Wir weben, wir weben!

Ein Fluch dem Gotte, zu dem wir
In Winterskälte und Hungersnöten;
Wir haben vergebens gehofft und geharrt,
Er hat uns geäfft, gefoppt und genarrt –
Wir weben, wir weben!

Ein Fluch dem König, dem König der Reichen,
Den unser Elend nicht konnte erweichen
Der den letzten Groschen von uns erpreßt
Und uns wie Hunde erschiessen läßt –
Wir weben, wir weben!

Ein Fluch dem falschen Vaterlande,
Wo nur gedeihen Schmach und Schande,
Wo jede Blume früh geknickt,
Wo Fäulnis und Moder den Wurm erquickt –
Wir weben, wir weben!

Das Schiffchen fliegt, der Webstuhl kracht,
Wir weben emsig Tag und Nacht –
Altdeutschland, wir weben dein Leichentuch,
Wir weben hinein den dreifachen Fluch,
Wir weben, wir weben!