Uncertainty as the highest state of insecurity

The following gives an outlook on a new publication, contributing to the work at the HIGHER SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC SCHOOL IN GDAŃSK (WSSE) on Security issues in education and management, selected aspects of social security

Discussing increasing populism and right-wing political movements and social law together is commonly – and without any doubt importantly – dealing with issues of social legislation, employability and emphasising the importance of ‘honesty and reliability’ from the political side. And while globalisation is not condemned, it is at least in tendency suggested to be a centre piece of the present quarrels; migration, low-wage policies, capital-flight and tax competition are then highlighted as major issues. The present contribution aims on taking a wider approach, arguing that one of the major problems is the aggravation of a secular process that may be called – alluding to Karl Polanyi’s work – disembedding of law.

en route these days

Ireland – Greece – Hungary – Turkey – Italy …. travelling these days and getting news

…. and receiving a message with the following words, from Zygmunt Bauman

What is novel [these days] is not uncertainty;
what is novel is a realization that uncertainty is here to stay

Surely one thing reaining to be done: still taking firm positions against the strength of claimed powers. The challenge of being human these days!