now available

Now the book

Nation State and Ethnic Diversity

is available.

Editors: Hurriyet Babacan (The Cairns Institute, James Cook University, Australia) and
Peter Herrmann (The University College of Cork, School of Applied Social Studies and School of Asian Studies, Cork, Ireland)

We hope it is a meaningful contribiution to a wider and onging debate on citizenship which hower, gains in the current era also entirely new dimensions. To quote from the introduction:

One highly important although by no means conclusively defined aspect is the blurring of borders and boundaries in conjunction with increasingly strict closures. Thus, the contributions to this book may also be read as contributions along the line of tension between ‘gated communities’ and the open global village. The question quo vadis? gains a twofold meaning. It is asking where people actually go, where and why they move and where they find some kind of belonging. And the question is also about frames and gains. Where are moves allowed and how is moving allowed and what are the expected outcomes for the different actors? One point can be made at the outset: we have to start from here – this hugely tensional question. And there is a long way to go until we arrive at a position which allows all of us to feel – at least for some time – comfortable in the global village.