One can say it this way …

But there may be a better way …

Now, after we move – slowly but surely – towards winter, we are worrying about the price for energy.

A friend recently said so. Sure, really worrisome – not least as there is only little progress in the area of regulating the price for accommodation, thus increasing the cost of basic needs further, making other things even less affordable. But there is another take on it, something else top worry about. And indeed, I am worrying more about society and the politicians: the over the years increasing – self-inflicted – inability to act, a democracy at the core of which we see a parliament that lives up to its name: parlare – to talk. And as important as it is to talk through things, to work towards answers that are standing on a sound basis, it should not result in things remaining there, on the pedestal of worries and laments: standing instead of moving, talking instead of acting. The incoherence of policy making today may be the core of the matter, sympathising with the difficulties to make a living and allowing TNCs to lower incomes, increase prices and throwing permanently new apples and other rotting fruits on the ground.


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