Of course, reason enough …

Yesterday Germany had been celebrating the end of the division of the country and a bit the old fundamentals: Liberté – Égalité – Fraternité

  • Law as rule for the country and
  • Equality, as everybody is enjoying
  • Freedom …, well, there is a bit of a linguistic problem: freedom from …, freedom of …, freedom to …? – at least it is the market freedom that everybody can return empty bottles and retrieve the money due.
It is easy ro say afterwards: “I always thought differently!” But you will be silent for another time, being asked: Why didn’t you then say anything?” (transparent seen in Neukölln)

(Some say it is part of the sharing economy – bottle sharing: one group going for feasts and drinking, the other profiting from returning the empty bottles to have a bit more cash than social benefits only.)

An interview with Christa Luft, unfortunately only in German, allows availing of a perspective that is too often entirely pushed aside.


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