AI for Social Good

There is always something new, or at least one can find always something new – and recently I stumbled upon more good-doers news, this time from google, saying

But we’re far from having all the answers—or even knowing all the questions. We want people from as many backgrounds as possible to surface problems that AI can help solve, and to be empowered to create solutions themselves. So as a part of AI for Social Good, we’re also launching the Google AI Impact Challenge, a global call for nonprofits, academics, and social enterprises from around the world to submit proposals on how they could use AI to help address some of the world’s greatest social, humanitarian and environmental problems.

I would not suggest that there are people at work who are absolutely evil, or even more: I firmly believe that many of them are good-willing people, eager to make their knowledge available for a better world.

https: //


But Santa, just around the corner … knowing very well, that is need of a radical change in our thinking, leaving individualism and nationalism as methodological guides behind, search gin for long-term programmes that guarantee sustainability, I may still come up with too small suggestions, that can be taken up without much ado:

  • payment of taxes, possibly to a global fund that is based in and linked to rights that deserve to be seen as Global Human Rights and as such guaranteeing peoples’ and people’s freedom from exploitation, which, of course, entails that value chains are not established as poverty-chains.
  • and a really tiny thing: can’t providers of services like wordpress, computers like apple (it would take any single coin from the ca 14 billion they owe the people of Ireland) etc. stop setting the spell-check on US-English as default, often impossible to change … – yes, it is a wee thing – though I am sometimes wondering ion there is a connection between them, called the mental and intellectual trap(ing) coming from US-imperialism.

It is just a matter off the small differences





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