[s]election – Wahl – [s]elezione

What actually is the meaning of it: [s]election – Wahl – [s]elezione?

Reading Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s ‘Wahlverwandtschaften’, the issue came up – in a very succinct way, though at first glance as mysterious obfuscation. Here it is, at the end of chapter five

“The Captain said there might be danger in that, but Eduard exclaimed: ‘You just be careful of the D, my friend! What would B do if C were torn from him?’
‘I would have thought the answer to that was obvious,’ Charlotte replied.
‘It is!’ cried Eduard: ‘It would return to its A, to its A and O, its alpha and omega!’ he cried, leaping up and pressing Charlotte hard against his breast.”

But before, in chapter four, we read about the kernel of the brute:

“It is a metaphor which has misled and confused you,’ said Eduard. ‘Here, to be sure, it is only a question of soil and minerals; but man is a true Narcissus: he makes the whole world his mirror.”

Change is thus to repeating what we did: step by step, following an eternal line …



Die Wahlverwadtschaften

                                   Complete Works



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