as rip-off capitalism ….

Sure, in capitalism, there may be many final rip offs … and yet, there is none that is really final. Always new niches, new paths and new fields are found by ingenious entrepreneurs, more or less ingenuously making a fortune out of nothing and of everything.

Schumpeter, at least in this respect wisely, said:

The conquest of the air may well be more important than the conquest of India was—we must not confuse geographical frontiers with economic ones.

From my side some idea, to be exploited by others, feeling myself to ingenuous in the meaning of lacking the disputes rip off attitude [oh, I hope, nobody really takes it up !!]: in Amsterdam I saw this photo in the window of an auctioneer …

Shouldn’t all birdhouses and bird feeders be exploited: the rip-off state could surely elaborate without problems a system of taxation, the birdwatchers, together with the developers of algorithms should look for ways to identify birds who use these, may be charged in a different way … hum … can’t one convert the wing beat to energy, then asking the birds to pay for the food ..

Sure, there may be another option: the price for accommodation in Amsterdam may suggest that such little places are also sold on the market  …

The old question:

Little Man, What Now?

is always newly veiled, always requiring new answers …  – and too often, as the little man told us, it finds, very sad answers.


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