Frogs and Humans — who is the more intelligent species?

Frogs – possibly they are more intelligent than humans?

In a nutshell, frogs, if thrown into boiling water, will jump out, thus saving their life. On the other hand, being in water that is gradually heated, they will at some stage be boiled to death. The argument is that gradual changes lets them overlook the danger – too big to fail [overlooking the different], too small to hail [mentioning and acknowledging the relevance] — of far we may say: frogs are very much the same as human beings.
However, that story was – according to Wikipedia –  evidenced by 19th century experiments, while, as it is suggested there too – with some reference and supposed evidence as can be found here and here – 
according to contemporary biologists the premise is false: a frog that is gradually heated will jump out.
Now, there may be another explanation, of course: it is not that the original premise was wrong, but that frogs today learned from frogs who lived – and died – during the nineteenth century, changing their behaviour and becoming more alert. This would suggest, of course, that frogs are more intelligent than humans are, right?


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