At least new for me, and even if it may not be necessarily a good idea to reform the language and write always

his and herstory

it is something that surely deserves attention and consideration. Sure, even Karl Marx wrote that

men make their own history

we surely have to recognise that men and women make our own history. And as much as it is about ‘great men and women’ that are usually considered, as much it is about recognising that we all do and that we should have the firm and permanently affirmed right of doing so: women and men, independent of their beliefs and the coiler of their skin etc, – and not least it is about

Latinos and Chicanos Reject Columbus, Embrace Indigenous Roots

the article in which I saw for the first time the formulation his and herstory. And it is also concerning other groups we to often don’t even know about.

And the formulation his and her story also points on another issue: it is about stories of everyday’s life, it just about the outstanding events and issues that are at most focal points in which all those stories are condensed.



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