… Some Answers Obtained from Reading a Menu …

The other day I saw a menu, highlighting that the restaurant in question offers dishes from the Rhine area and in general from Germany.

Though the questions asked at a restaurant are not the same as those questions of a customer, there are some answers on what had not been asked that can be inspiring.

As in particular my French and Italian habitat taught me to be a bit of a gourmet, a foodie, and being researcher by nature, I thought it would be worthwhile to have a quick look, and …, well, yes, sorry: wiki is quick. At least it gives some ideas, and in some cases I left the shortcut and dipped a it deeper into then matter, though not covering all.

  • Flammkuchen – Origin: France and German [specialità dell’Alsazia-Mosella, della Renania-Palatinato e del Baden-Württemberg che viene preparata e servita anche presso molte altre popolazioni di lingua tedesca.]
  • Mozzarella – Origin: Italy [originario della Campania e che da secoli è prodotta anche nel resto del Sud e nel Centro Italia; oggi la sua produzione è diffusa in vari paesi del mondo.]
  • Rucola – in particular linked to the mediterranean area [La rucola è originaria dell’area del bacino del Mediterraneo e dell’Asia centro-occidentale. Oggi è coltivata anche in altre parti del mondo.]
  • Salmon – presenti in tutto l’emisfero boreale, nelle zone temperate e fredde e fino alle zone polari, sia nei mari che nei fiumi e laghi. Sono stati largamente introdotti in tutte le parti del mondo con caratteristiche climatiche idonee; native to tributaries of the North Atlantic (genus Salmo) and Pacific Ocean (genus Oncorhynchus)
  • Ziegenkaese [Goat cheese] – not entirely clear; to be said for goats: diffuse nelle regioni montuose di Europa, Asia, Africa e Nordamerica – and have a look:

Im Jahre 1895 wird die Molkerei Soignon in der Region Poitou-Charentes gegründet. Die Region wird zu einer Wiege für den Ziegenkäse in Frankreich, zusammen mit den Regionen Centre und Rhône-Alpes.

Any comment needed on US-Burger?

A small comment on Blutwurst – Blood sausage makes me thinking about the world, then and now. Already mentioned in Homer’s Odyssey, where we read

There are goats’ paunches filled with blood and fat, there by the fire ready for roasting, waiting for our dinner.

it seems to be very common globally – at least in Europe and The Americas.


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