gym for the specials …

Gyms …. perhaps I am …, well not naive, but simply lacking knowledge, and so it may well be that such thing does exist already – it is so simple, so obvious a source of ‘wealth’ that it really has to exist – aren’t we living in a society characterised by gainification [yes, it moves on]);-)

The gym for the ‘special ones’ ….

I guess only – as I lack experience of such torture chambers: everything can basically remain unchanged. The small but decisive innovation is coming from some forms of add-ons and apps.

1) The gym — traditional ‘mass event’ in the collective torture hall
2) Three-D-Glasses – the means to illusionise [yes, I know: a new word, not spell-check approved] the view
3) Integrated or not: ear- or headphones
4) jet nebuliser
5) programme/software with different features: beach, forrest, …
6) control stick/button, allowing to choose and personalise the days exercise … – you may want to start your run in the estate, move along the busy street and turn …. . finally you arrive at the beach …, the smell of fresh air, seagulls …
7) the timer … sixty minutes are over, or also personalisable:  you can choose the ambulant of time you want to purchase ..
to continue, insert a new chip ….
As free sample, I suggest the following feature: jogging through Brooklyn, Soho, Calcutta, Beijing, Johannesburg  … rush hour …., , the first first glimpses of a park, the river side  … just when there is a dense cloud, released from an old bus, truck or a dirty smell from the gutters ….
… to continue, insert a new chip ….


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