confusing distinctions

Fetters …. – is there a difference between legs and brain?

Somebody – from the field of youth and social work – proposed to me that, in order to overcome a clash of events, I could post my lecturers as video online, thus being able to be in a way present in two locations. Later the issue came up the other way round, and I proposed:

You can deal with the problem of bringing a “client” to the municipality by utilising modern technology – e.g. electronic footcuffs ensuring that the person goes to the municipality – so you do not have to accompany the person and can be vIrtually present in two places.

But, if I may ask, is the difference between electronic footcuffs, e-registration forms, and e-calculations and payments of penalties and benefits, forcing “clients”, cynically classified even as users, to walk and think and behave according certain standards and electronic braincuffs of video teaching, highly standardised contents and multiple choice exams, forcing students to walk and think and behave according certain standards?

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