Days of sadness …

But not only – looking forward from here, should also make us looking back

A movie theatre with a marquee reading “Thanks Fidel” as the late Fidel Castro’s ashes are driven through the country in a caravan, in Santa Clara, Cuba

reminding us what is important, essential:

“I think the rest of the world can learn from the way the system is designed in Cuba,” said WHO regional adviser Sonja Caffe.

As Cuba mourns its epochal, revolutionary former leader Fidel Castro, on World AIDS Day 2016, the country still stands in the top ranks for working to combat the disease — owed greatly in part to Fidel’s socialized system of universal healthcare. …


And in times where the rest of there world moves the other way …- this will be maintained … that is what Isabelle replied to me from Havana the other day:

… Be sure the country will  keep his legacy. Is an incommensurable lost. My gratitude for your condolence. …



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