Myths — looking at the debt-crisis and the question of reparations in the context of Greece is surely important in terms of the pure and immediate calculation – it had been an issue that had been frequently brought forward in the recent months in connection with the “Greek case” which is more a “German case” or a case of the European hegemonic power centres. However, doing so should also go beyond the crude equation, i.e. the amount of money Germany owes.

A historically wider perspective may remind us that this “deal”, stroke in London (London Agreement on German External Debt) in 1953, was part of a complex strategy. This agreement can be seen as foundation of the German politico-economic success, that makes it today a superpower again.

And looking at “Mutti Merkel” we should never forget the small step of the Germans, emerging from the

Volk der Dichter und Denker

(People of poets and thinkers)

to the

Volk of Richter and Henker

(People of judges and hangmen).

An instructive documentation is provided in the film

Die Lüge vom Wirtschaftswunder

Sure, in about 43 minutes there may be some contestable details, or there may be a lack of details as missing statistics etc.- so the complains of some commentators. However, looking today at history, we should think more about the wrong evidence, permanently distributed in the spirit of the well-known fact that history is always written as history of the ruling classes. – This film obviously unveils more truth in the short time than the history books of the 67 years.

Questions, not only asked when writing about Bärlach, Gastmann and Tschanz (German filmGerman Audiobook).


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