Shanghai Forum 

Under the title

Growth and Development – Complement or Contradictions

I looked at some challenges for a global agenda.

This contribution had been part of the  China and Latin America round table, organised by the Centre for BRICS Studies, Fudan Development Institute in the framework of the Shanghai Forum 2016.

The participation was also the public commencement of the cooperation between the Centre for BRICS studies and the BRICS laboratory at EURISPES, Rome.

A background document can be found here, a recording of the presentation can be found here.

From my contribution to the discussion it should be added that the current “shift towards China and the BRICS” should be seen in a world systems perspective, indicating the need of a move away from the mode of production that leaves the old centres EU and USA behind: their ability to offer answers to today’s challenges. The challenge we face together, however, is not about shifting to a new centre but to develop a new overall systemic approach to antroponomic challenges. The Brazilianisation, going hand in hand with the so-called trade agreements (TTIP …) should be dismantled as what they are: protectionist systems that are increasing exclusionary competition- making this point was actually welcomed by many of the participants from Latin America.

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