Migration – They do it their way

From an article on telesur, published August 20th

The U.K. is also adopting laws to make it less attractive for migrants to come and work in the country. New immigration policies will allow the government to seize wages and deport illegal immigrants without appeal.
“Border Force officers, operating on the ground, provide migrants with a more dissuasive and realistic sense of life for illegal migrants in the United Kingdom. That reflects the United Kingdom government’s work to render the UK a less attractive place for illegal migrants, including through limiting access to housing and health services in the U.K., and through targeting disreputable employers who seek to employ illegal migrants,” the accord states.
As part of the recently signed agreement, the U.K. government will provide US$11.1 million over two years, which will be allocated towards enhancing security measures around the perimeter of the Eurotunnel railhead.
Reading this after having talked a short time ago with a friend in Greece about the hospitality migrants experience in many cases especially by people on the street  … – I guess no further comment is needed.

Un pensiero riguardo “Migration – They do it their way

  1. Of course there are problems and nobody wants to sit in such train ….


    But in the wider perspective one may have to ask whey are they surprised when, after building walls, people are storming against them?

    "Mi piace"


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