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Limitating freedom by offering free markets

Sometimes I think people who say that things are further deteriorating after I said it is TIME TO SAY GOODBYE.

Yesterday I met a colleague – he worked probably for most of his life in Ireland (though “traveller” as myself – see Diary from a Journey into Another World: Diaries against nationalism, inspired by trying to overcome personal resentments (forthcoming).

After having worked for University College of Cork – and after not he best possible experiences in terms of collegiality, acknowledgment etc. – he moved to Italy. Of course, free movement – the fundamental freedoms ….

UCC runs a special pension scheme – basically a private one. Free movement now means that the time he spent working under that private scheme will not be recognised when it comes to calculating his public pension.

Don’t blame me now for having left working in the EU-lobbying area etc. .. – well, seriously, it is a complex issue where EU-law is surely as major hurdle int he way; and equally national policy of privatisation is in the way, and this national Irish path is surely not least enforced by EU-policies towards privatisation. Bottom line: nobody is “guilty” – and everybody has to pay: everybody as matter of our societies loosing sight of being societies. They are increasingly a collection of forced-to-be-individuals.
Can anything else be the result of a policy that defines general interest as matter of economic competitiveness?

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  1. Interesting, as I find myself in a similar position. I am to be awarded one third of the state pension, yet have the full contribution paid to qualify for a state pension. I have seen two different copies of the ‘rules’, and I asked for a review. They did not change their stance, and I asked for another review, setting out what I thought were the points. Still no joy, but they did make a mistake in one of their letters, which was corrected. Can’t afford to pay for legal advice, but am hoping my former employers in the pensions office can give me some advice. I will most likely try and take it to the Ombudsman. They tell me they are including ‘EU’ contributions from other states and that is why the pension is so low. A case of shameful manipulation!

    "Mi piace"

    1. Just establish a bank – they are supported in such countries as they are supported in the EU. THERE it is about the basic freedoms …. – what saddens me is that our social scientists are still thinking about smart society rather than acting for a differfent one.
      – Assume smartness didn’t support you in the case …

      "Mi piace"

      1. Basic freedoms are disappearing here. It is near impossible to establish a bank. Going to tune in to ‘Bank of Dave’ on Channel 4 (can see it on I-player after 12th July). Dave tried to reinvigorate his home town and lend to the cach-strapped businesses that banks won’t lend to. Doesn’t have a licence and has no prospect of getting one.
        On the topic of a different society, new book for 2013 – ‘Art of the Political: New Openings for the Left’, A. Amin & N. Thrift (2013). Think I put something on my facebook page. Saw an exerpt on Open Democracy.

        "Mi piace"


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