Temperatures – or The surprised girl from the ‘developing world’

Kevin had been really nice – already when arrived on the aircraft: so to say the usual nice yarn amongst the locals; and of course, first thing we Irish talk about is the weather. Later I got my free tea and everything – ah, getting spoilt when one knows crew on the plane.

Then The little story. I had been sitting next to a nice girl from one of these developing countries. After placing her order, she leaned towards me, asking with surprise:

Do you always have to pay, using this airline?

I nodded:

Yes, and it’s more and more European standard now.

A little bit later she opened the plastic of the micro-waved sandwich, …, opened her handbag to get a tissue in order to clean her hands before eating.

At the end, I enjoyed her genuine friendliness and the crisps she kindly offered me, with a smile, but without asking for money.

Remains one thing: she does definitely not have the right dress for Hibernian conditions – well “cold” is just a matter of temperatures, or am I wrong?


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