Globalisation – Sunrise

When the sun rises, it makes the one staying in the shadow feeling comfortable; the one who happens to be unshaded feels uncomfortable feels uncomfortable and even bad. Still, no one dares to to ‘for’ or ‘against’ such a development because the celestial body is not responsible for who and why has happened to be in the worse or better conditions. These are problems of another type: social problems related to the issue of equality, social justice, etc. Therefore, one should confront not natural developments but unjust social relations. At the same time, one should have in mind that, in spite of the objective and the subjective to be interconnected into the organic whole, the subjective factor is not able to dominate natural development. It, nevertheless, plays an important, sometimes even decisive role in human destiny.

Alexander N. Chumakov, 2008: Recognizing Globalization; in: Alexander N. Chumakov: Philosophy of Globalization. Selected Articles; Moscow, 2010: 36


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