Worthwhile reading – History of social work canon

One of the messages conveyed during the ENSACT conference on Sustainable social development is that innovation is not always only connected to the future. We should also be learning from our past, both from successes and from failures. The international version of the History of Social Work Canon allows users to look back and learn from a timeline/website on the history of social work. This initiative was launched in 2010 following the success of the Dutch-language equivalents for the Netherlands and Flanders. The website is free for users, and always will be. The costs associated with developing the website and writing/editing the contents are carried by a number of public shareholders. They have an interest in making this information available to the global community of social work.

The first draft version of this website can be found at http://www.historyofsocialwork.org There are currently 20 icons available, but the full version will contain 50 icons. Suggestions on what to add to the current icons or which icons to add are welcome. The Flemish ministry of welfare and the Dutch ministry of welfare provided the initial budget to kick-start this website. The current version is the result of this support. Organisations interested in providing support for the further development of this initiative are welcomed to contact the initiators.


from: Newsletter of ICSW European Region; March & April 2011

Un pensiero riguardo “Worthwhile reading – History of social work canon

  1. Innovation/(ive) so often means different or even new, it is almost innovative these days to even look at his/herstory. A lovely site for teaching and learning.

    "Mi piace"


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