Thought I may go end of June for a short holiday in Ireland – between the Human Rights conference, organised by the Deutsche Welle where I will represent attac/its academic council and starting the some postdoc-research at the Max-Planck Institute for Foreign and International Law.But the other day I decided against it, being more or less around in the area I decided to skip the Ireland holidays and join for an exciting international conference organised by the Institute for Critical Theory (http://www.inkrit.org/index.htm). The topic is ‘Humane Moderation and Capitalist Gluttony’ – finally I am as well fellow of the Institute and it is then a good opportunity to catch up with the others. And the AGM is also linked which is another reason to decided for ‘holidays of a special kind’ rather than going for something conventional as Ireland though I know a spot that is wothout any doubt lovely.Actually the topic reminds me working on editing the book on this topic which is developing somewhat slowly and with some pain. Still …., worthwhile to do it.I will frequently come back to all this …


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