it happens, nearly unnoticed at times …

At least Had to been aware of an intervention that had not been widely discussed, at least – I admit I easily overlook things. Anyway, via mailing list I receive a reminder notice – a job opening. Not directly interested in it, I looked up: a reminder …, does it mean it is such miserable job that that have to try everything to get some applicants? No evidence, nut at least for me a tiny piece of info that I think deserves some attention. So, at stake is the position of an

Associate Professorship of Social Policy, University of Oxford
(Department of Social Policy and Intervention, Barnett House, Oxford)


The Department of Social Policy and Intervention

History is surely not repeating itself – and intervention … its der where oneway ask if not already existence as schism’s some form of intervention. Still, isn’t it interesting that social policy has its origin in exactly this: the intervention, to be more precise: then policing as sharp control, strictly requiring certain behaviour.


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