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 Open letter

Daniel Johnston, as serious academic allow me not so much formally but substantially to make one recommendation: do not add confusion by making more of the same and distract people from doing what they should do – looking at researchers (that is how you address me), they should do research. Trouble makers, rentiers and parasites should go into safe places – I guess the best for your company would be to dissolve instead of establishing another “force malheur” (yes, correct spelling). But perhaps I am wrong, missing the additional value of what you are doing (I am not talking about the additional money for you and your “business”, nor the additional money by which global electricity bills are growing due to unsolicited robbery by energy mongers). At this stage it comes to my mind that parasites are defined by looking for hosts – while they are living “on their cost”, there is still a mutual benefit – ergo: that species is definitely superior …One additional point: I do not understand how it is possible that qualified academic publishing houses with a so far good reputation as e.g Springer Nature, Taylor and Francis, Oxford University Press, BMJ, SAGE, Wiley can end up as promoters of such scam, seriously undermining their standing in the academic world (further), permitting that their work is demeaned. Sincerely concerned, while witnessing the increasing lack of academic self-respect around me,

Peter Herrmann

PS: the mail addresses to which the mail is sent as copy, the people behind them, are more or less randomly used, this that could be easily found on the internet … 

Il giorno 19 lug 2019, alle ore 17:33, Daniel Johnston <daniel.j@publons.com> ha scritto:

Dear Peter Herrmann, 

As the cofounder of Publons allow me to formally welcome you to the Publons community!

Now that you’ve registered you can start building up your Publons profile to demonstrate your scholarly impact. Import your publications and add records of your peer reviews then we’ll populate your profile with citation metrics and comparative metrics for your fields of research. 

Import your publications
You can import your publications directly from Web of Science. Confirm which publications are yours and we’ll add them to your profile, along with your Web of Science Core Collection citation counts and h-index. Adding at least one Web of Science Core Collection indexed publications is all you need to do to claim your Web of ScienceResearcherID (ResearcherIDs can take up to five days to be assigned). 

Don’t worry if you can’t find all of your publications in Web of Science. You can also populate your publication records by: 
• Importing them from ORCiD
• Uploading a RIS, BibTex, or CSV file
• Searching across the web by DOI or title 

Add records of your peer reviews Publons allows the full breadth of your research output to be showcased in one place. That means demonstrating your peer review history alongside your publications. There are two really simple ways to get started with peer review recognition on Publons. 
• Enable your auto-add feature to have reviews performed for our 3,800+ partner journals automatically added to your profile as you do them.
• Forward your review receipts (“thank you for reviewing” emails from editors) to reviews@publons.com, and we’ll curate, verify, and add a verified record of each review to your profile (unsigned and not publicly displayed) for you. Click here to see how it works. 

If you have any questions about the above or anything else, please get in touch any time. 

All the best,
Daniel Johnston 
Copyright © 2019 Publons, All rights reserved. 

Send questions to: 

Send review receipts to: 

Peter Herrmann

((Prof. Dr. habil. – HWR (Berlin, Germany). CU (Hungary), EURISPES (Italy), IASQ (The Netherlands), MPI (Germany), NUI-M (Ireland), UEF (Finland))
Britzer Damm 76
12347 Berlin
mob/WA ‭+49 152 17011068‬
WeChat & Skype: peteresosc
QQ: 2738027550


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