again – sometimes just an occasion to look further back

Well, right now we are preparing to leav – heading where ? Can we really now it or isn’t more in retrospect that we learn from where we came – and from where is more then


On occasions of leaving, I fondly remember these two stories – mentally larger good-byes than the present one – though time will show and this may become a kind of time to say good-bye – préfinale. Or I may say it actually is, entering a new status of settlement.

Time to Say Good-Bye

September 20th 2009 – a short walk through the busy city of Brussels: Journées du Patrimoine and Dimanche sans Voiture – though using the car is apparently not forbidden it is widely accepted not to use it. Nevertheless, the streets are crowded.

The sun is shining, and it is ideal for people from the Belgium and European capital to enjoy lovely day outdoor. Not just the Grand Place is reminiscent of a (continued here on Rozenberg Quarterly)

Time to Say Good-Bye . Again

You are cordially invited to read the following notes – but please accept: though reading the reflections is hopefully at times entertaining, the notes are not easy to comprehend, presenting thoughts as they are: interconnected, being a complex structure that cannot be easily deconstructed without doing damage to the overall existence. It had been the easy ways of looking at history that allowed the total demonisation of Zarathustra – in the postscript you will see the reasoning behind this reference. Having said this, you should allow the postscript to be a postscript, as I would otherwise made it myself a Prologue or a Prolegomena.

Looking once back, aiming on a huge leap forward – or: Luhmann’s Strawberry Cake (Continued Here on Rozenberg Quarterly)

Una terza cosa non è data ??
No è ancora arrivato …

Not even tiny desk …, though the rocking chair is …


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