John, we met on occasion of a couple of conferences, frequently said:

I always see you sitting with you work in the hotel lounge or in the reception area.

And indeed, for many parts of my work I like an inspiring atmosphere as I can find it in hotel lounges or …

…, yes in some cases it is a privilege, being able to sit in a spot like this
It had been a year ago, near Amsterdam, children playing nearby did not really disturb me – more the other way round: I found it even motivating as it is a bit like having the “dedication of my work” directly as motivation and appeal around:
this work is dedicated to the future generations, aiming on contributing to a society that is worth living in
Such privilege can easily reverse – an adult abruptly dragging one of the kids at the arm, shouting at him
Just leave here, don’t play while we are sitting here.
 – I felt paralyzed, I had to leave soon after this “incidence”. Because of this old fellow’s misbehavior towards the children, but also as I felt disturbed by the permanently incoming beep-sound of incoming messages and swoosh-sound of outgoing messages on his phone.
Two days later, I went there again – I urgently needed a place that provides quietness and inspiration. I was a bit …, no, I was not really surprised that nobody calls the group of adults to order: about fifteen to twenty people, sitting in one of the corners, chatting and laughing loudly, cheering at each other with the beer and wine glasses, and walking around – each of them wanted to take a photo – about about fifteen to twenty people wanted to have more or less the same photo.
I left, feeling guilty that I did not make the point there, both days – the point of difference and sameness. And I left with the confirmation of the position of a lecturer and researcher: there is no such thing as value freedom, the place, any lecturer and researcher has to look for, is the place of the future, not a future ’that happens’ but a future that we have to develop. – Well, the value-judgement dispute should never be reduced on an abstract issue of academics disputing in an ivory tower.

2 pensieri riguardo “differences

  1. You address one of the common pain points of modern parenting; too often they underestimate the value of the old-fashioned kind of busy childhood . Kids should be supported in their longing to experience a variety of interactive situations both with grown-ups and peers. Instead, their life is all about screen time and solitude.
    More face time to develop fantasy and to grow aware of reality.
    Viva Phanresia!

    "Mi piace"

  2. well, modern parenting … looking at the etymology of modern we learn for modern
    c. 1500, “now existing;” 1580s, “of or pertaining to present or recent times;” (https://www.etymonline.com/word/modern#etymonline_v_17375)
    Certo, abbiamo bisogno della società, così come la società ha bisogno di noi – we need society as much as society needs us (see tomorrows post) – but there is a tension we have to see: with this we tend to loose face: behind the screens, behind the norms and roles, and perhaps as we cannot show it, too busy with beating up the child/being “from behind” or comforting the other by holding him/her closely, e.g. putting his/her face against the shoulder.
    In other words, the society we need is also one that makes us “loosing face” – no need to travel far for that one; it is in a way spawn of …, yes: modernity … and thus it is difficult to find a way out – Thanks, Phanresia may help …

    "Mi piace"


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