manufacture adé …?

Language – keep it alive … a matter not only of talking as otherwise they will be forgotten as much as the dead are forgotten and the forgotten are dying …, starving to death one may say. And keeping it alive means, allowing the privilege of permanent ‘rebirth’ –  REnewing and reNEWing, the offspring never being ‘just the same’ as the parents ….. the genitori as we say in Italian – some form of generating I suppose.

I often just do it, invent, use ‘new words’ … and may forget them, or not.

Here is now a suggested language innovation I have been thinking about for some days, ventilating the pros and cons and meaning and possible misunderstandings of

the brainifacturer

though not only misunderstandings but also better-unferstandings: the brainworker as somebody who works by immediately transforming brain-activity into what we usually call product.

This issue was discussed – in different ways – for a long time, as for instance by suggesting science becoming immediate productive force. And it was questioned too, as such ‘ideas based products’ are hardly products as long as they are not materialised into something, taking the form of something tangible.

Innovation of language? Or is it more about innovation of thinking and social science: Re-thinking products, values, valuation … production … – what if is about and can be about.

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