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A brief note on a “change” of the blog. Two new categories are added:

Aphorisms from living in and between worlds – impressions and conversations

It is a bit about thoughts on life and its philosophy, and also about joys of life. But it is more like taking up on the Diary from a Journey into another World: Diaries against nationalism, inspired by trying to overcome personal resentments (also on researchgate)

In any case: short reflections, not offering many links, not working with tags, thus hopefully provoking the reader making links and establishing tags … – here a first example

Slow reading

Some earlier blog posts would fit here, but it will be now more systematic, offering some of my thoughts while reading and revisiting some texts, focussing on particular aspects that go far beyond the text to which reference is made, hopefully offering an innovation to read more consciously, look at details that are so often overlooked, thus underrated. Still, one always has to be careful: it is not necessarily about what the author meant but also possible unintended interpretations – we al can easily  end up in such traps and gaps as soon as we write and speak. but it is also about the positive side: brilliant ideas, stimulating thoughts … , even if it may be at times a bit about a blind chicken, sometimes finding a bed.

Have a look for an example here ….


It may be that these are “real inspirations” for real – present of future – inventors and entrepreneurs; it may be that there some simple ideas also for everybody, often emerging from not considering enough consequences, implications of things I do, you may do, we all possibly do – making our own life more difficult and causing “externalities”: unnecessary cost for the environment etc.. Sometimes behaviour we may simply change, sometimes inventions that can be made and sold profitably – do so, if you are successful and ask for an account number I may provide it 😉

Here a first post in the series


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