The Three Wise Monkeys of our Age

Indeed, stunning and beautiful,

Harbin Ice And Snow Sculpture Festival

but perhaps also showing some danger of our times … of celebrating the cold …
… leaving us without words, forgetting the warmth of words and pushing us into the standards of the new world, mentioned by Lewis Mumford, talking in his book an The Myth of the Machine:

the only speed: faster, the only tempting destination: further away, the only desirable measure: larger and only one worthwhile quantity: more

Not allowing for any conflict, for anything in the way of the illusionary world of deception self-deception and promises which are not even meant to be kept.

The famous 3 wise monkeys, today not so much what thy stood for:

“see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”;

but instead it is about not having time to look closely, hearing, but being not easily ready to listen and permanently speaking, without saying anything …, or even worse: “speaking through emoticons”. I think there is still much unchanged, at least not much changed over time.

But all this, and finally the reduction of using words on emoticons, and reducing what we say on what we “have to say” — reflecting that what we produce is for exchange, and not about value … – the rest dissolving in an unbearable lightness of being, into nothingness …

We cannot change the fact that we are moving on in time, but we may be able to change the direction …

No matter how obvious the irrational character of the whole may manifest itself and, with it, the necessity of change, insight into necessity has never sufficed for seizing the possible alternatives. Confronted with the omnipresent efficiency of the given system oflife, its alternatives have always appeared utopian. And insight into necessity, the consciousness of the evil state, will not suffice even at the stage where the accomplishments of science and the level of productivity have eliminated the utopian features of the alternatives-where the established reality rather than its opposite is utopian.

From Herbert Marcuse’s One-Dimensional Man: 283




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