Father …

Received this recently from a friend – and translated it into English language …- it is in German also somewhere on the net…
St Peter is tired and asks Jesus to represent him at the Pearly Gates. Jesus is a bit annoyed and bored anyway – he ought to sit next to God the Father, but so far he has never seen him – well at this stage he knows from St Peter that this actually only happens on Doomsday.
– Jesus begins his work at the gate, somebody knocks. He opens – an old, bearded man stood in front of him. Jesus goes through the Checklist for people aspiring to get into paradise – so he asks, “What have been your achievements on the earth?” – “Well, yes, I am a simple carpenter in the countryside, I always lived modestly and feared God, I am not guilty of any bad deed”. – “That’s good, but really much … so anything else?” – The old man replies: “I have begotten a son, although I do not remember how I managed to do that. This son traveled through the country, he became famous … they published even a book about him, and millions of copies had been sold. … “. While the old man speaks, Jesus is getting increasingly excited, his Adam’s apple jumps up and down, when he looks again and against toehold man: a simple carpenter, a son, over which a book was written, of which millions of copies were sold … Jesus steps back, inspects the old guy : “FATHER?” – the old man raises his head in astonishment, looks at Jesus and scratches his beard: “PINOCCHIO?”


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