Airport Chat

The only free seat, while waiting for the boarding to commence, was the one between brother and sister …, as usual I forgot the name. Unusual though that we talk about “the world” and that “there is something wrong, though I don’t know what.” My reference to the Evangelii Gaudium and an attempted “left interpretation” does not really move the communication forward – also it doesn’t help when I draw the direct line between this and the confrontation with the pressure today’s students are under. – Is she too distracted? Or is she convinced that the mobile phone she frequently looks at, provides the answer?

May be the brother from Kenya knows it, admiring the Chinese:

They are clever. Loosing no time, just looking around and implementing …. – that is what they do.

Sure, his reflections on his home country are interesting – and the endless trust of both of them:

You surely need a bishop to perform …

is somewhat perplexing.

— Sitting with the back to us: a father with his son …. – I have to admit that the permanent rattling  of the computer game they are playing, implementing shooting at, racing after, hunting for virtuality makes me a bit irascible …, nothing alluring about it ….


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