For the unknow mothers

Wikpedia another time showing incompetence. Had to go to the Doria Pamphilj – and just wanted to look a bit what this family is about … – wiki as first hit, but only on the gallery (Gosh lads, in history/reality the hegemon comes first, then the structures they set up!!!. On this site it is the other way round). Well, then they mention the most ordinary paintings on the site – a Velázquez’s, a Titian,  Caravaggio … – actually, when I looked at the latter I thought having a great name is one thing; doing great work is another.

Now, to be clear, I saw a couple of Carravaggios works – and there are some that are without any slight question great pieces. But in this case I see the confirmation of what Miró said in 1933 (job is job, I had to go the other day to that exhibition too – sure, one of THE names in this world):

Il quadro deve essere fecondo. Deve dar nascere un mondo.
A painting must be fertile. It must give birth to a world.

The arts world is there very much like the rest of the world: there are the many mothers giving birth without being seen. There are many children without being known. But it is them who make history, and it is them who will one day make a better world.


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