Social Quality From Theory to Indicators

Social Quality From Theory to Indicators
Edited by Laurent J. G. Van Der Maesen and Alan Walker;

Now it is out – the publication is now available, the work done and at the same time it is just the point of departure for further elaboration of the social quality approach. This work started already with major cooperations in particular in the city of The Hague. Next Wednesday important negotiations will take place in order to venture future plans, not least consider closer cooperation with Eurispes – Istituto di Studi Politici Economici e Sociali in Rome
This is not least  and in particular an important issue on taking centrally the question of sustainability on board. The present book can sulrey be seen as a mile stone in this respect.

On the book the following information is taken from the flyer.

This book provides the most up to date account of the concept of social quality. Developed originally as a response to the promotion of neo-liberal policies in Europe, the idea has been taken up and applied in China and East Asia. This book is the key reference point for the continuing spread and adoption of the concept. It develops the theoretical foundations of social quality and locates it within the main theoretical frameworks of western social science. It provides a clear account of the methods for measuring social quality which includes the initial indicators developed by a major European research project. It includes an in-depth analysis of the four core components of social quality: socio-economic security, social cohesion, social inclusion and social empowerment. Then it applies the concept of social quality to some of the most pressing policy challenges, including the future of the European Union and sustainability. Its theory, methods and compelling arguments in favour of social justice are essential for students studying a wide variety of social sciences and policy makers and general readers interested in creating a more socially just society.

  • Introduction; L.van der Maesen & A.Walker
  • European and Global Challenges; L.van der Maesen & A.Walker
  • Theoretical Foundations; W.Beck, L.van der Maesen & A.Walker
  • Conceptual Location of Social Quality; P.Herrmann, L.van der Maesen & A.Walker
  • Social Quality Indicators; P.Herrmann, L.van der Maesen & A.Walker
  • Socio-Economic Security; D.Gordon Social Cohesion; Y.Berman & D.Phillips
  • Social Inclusion; A.Walker & C.Walker
  • Social Empowerment; P.Herrmann
  • The Functions of Social Quality Indicators; L.van der Maesen
  • Social Quality and Sustainability; L.van der Maesen & A.Walker

It remains to be emphasised that the work on the book, taking so much time, had been a most exciting and valuable experience of … – social quality. Combining individual work with close cooperation – and with gaining and maintaining collegiality and friendships.
From my side I want to add my very personal Thank You to Laurent for all the work and also to Yitzhak with whom I galdly maintained contact even after our immediate cooperation ended.

The cooperation – for me at least – showes: also in academia another world is possible, not in need of any presidential elitist advise (on this also here).


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