Protecting the Environment – Aerlingus and Lyons Tea join forces ;-(

But of course, it is an example only – details are important, and still: they could look different, ending in the same societal detail.

Reasonably late flight from Cork: 7:00 am, still, not too late for a cup of tea (sure, the cup is not really a cup but that is one of these details …). The air hostess puts it on the little table in front of the seat next to me (have my ‘three-seater’ privilege. I hand over the 2.60 Euro (of course, 2.60 – did anybody say aerlingus is a low-fare airline?) and say friendly, pointing on the milk,

I don’t need that.

She takes it back, saying

But I will leave this for you. There is a bag for the rubbish in it.

And she points on a tiny plastic bag, containing sugar (which I do not need), a spoon/knife combination (which I do not need as I do not use the sugar and because I want to drink the tea and it is indeed not so strong that I have to cut it), and finally it contains a plastic bag, the words printed on it, clearly stating what it is:


And it says also:


And finally it contains a little napkin. I actually have to use that, drying my face which is wet from the tears shed in the light of all this waste …

Sure, now one may ask: did I have to write this, contributing to the data waste, and even more immediately: contributing to destroying the environment by using precious electrical energy; running the computer, profiting from the WLAN (won’t tell you where I use it – it is free, meaning it does not cost me more than the price of a cup of coffee), by relying on one of the many servers ….

… and another time getting aware of the fact: nothing is really easy on this world. And that is why so many people leave it: HELLO! ???

We all have to put our hands-on. Only a question to get the right match.

And finding the right people – the right I said but I meant the correct, rather than the right ….


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