There is always a solution

Dear Herr Doctor,
You are already 10 months behind with the manuscript of Das Kapital, which you have agreed to write for us. If we do not receive the manuscript within 6 months, we shall be obliged to commission another to do this work.

From a letter Karl Marx received from his publisher in Leipzig.

If publishers would just do their job authors could do their job in much batter ways.

If reviewers would do just do there job: looking for integrity of arguments rather critising authors on things they never came across academic work and publications could be much more innovative.

And if politicans would be delayed in writing shallow programs – paraphrasing Marx’ famous sentence from the 18th Bonaparte – Men and women could make more of their own history, and could do it more as they please.

There is always a solution – and there is always something behind the various triple-A-standards– though not necessarily wisdom.

Yes, there are connections though many people may not (want to) see them ….

Bu the way, I will look more in detail into issues of this kind end of September – during the OeFEB-Annual Meeting in Graz – the overall topic of the congress is “Research on Demand”.


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