Not November …. – On Path Dependency

It hadn’t been often that I had been in Bonn – and I do not want to be negative. It is a nice, placid village, once the capital of Germany, hosting that part of Germany, better: German mentality which had been twice the cradle of a World War

I hadn’t been many times in Berlin – the first time I arrived there in the ‘new era’ had been some strange experience – the government had not yet moved to the new centre, but part of it and as had been on government-meeting then, I experienced the tension between the old: the West, and the new, the East. It is a difficult to tell story too interesting to put into a nutshell. When I returned later I had been impressed, the feeling of …, well, perhaps the best term to be used is: the feeling of mental suppression. Again, I do not want to be negative, knowing about the stirring figures as Friedrich Wilhelm Humboldt, having lived mentally side by side with notable people as Helene Weigel and having known extraordinary colleagues as Juergen Kuczynski …, and having enjoyed the great Jazz-festival, the theaters, parks …. of this city which than later showed so open its difficult to figure-out hegemonic spirit of violence and mental control – mentor of Otto von Bismarck’s policy which became known as cradle of the social state and which had been in some way the accoucheur of the first world war.

Sure, globalisation, postmodernisation …. – the entire world changed and so did the country of which Bonn had been and Berlin is the capital. And so did the cities themselves.

Still – if you look for synonyms you may find for placid: introspective and you may find for impressing: imposing.

It is impressive, arriving here and there always reminds me of Heinrich Heine – and his return to Germany. It had been a long time ago, it had been November.

See here for more.

But I am here to talk about Human Rights – perhaps it is a different thing …, perhaps ….


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