Guardian Needed – Guarding the Guardian

In the Guardian we read today under the title

Turkey: Admiration and Apprehension

The AKP’s lack of a two-thirds majority means that other parties – including the renewed Kemalist centre-left CHP, which increased its share of the vote by 5%, and the independent Kurds – will have to be consulted.

– Indeed, at other times they had been simply made muzzled in literally sense. Seems the Guardian is pleading for something that actually is not entirely impossible. Sure, Mr E. had been imprisoned. Also sure, many had been imprisoned by his at least in tendency fundamentalist regime.

The situation is definitely not an easy one – and the promises for today, the 15th, are clearly showing the challenge, whatever the result will be. But the situation surely has one clear and simple message with it.

The Guardian obviously needs a guardian rather than encouraging a re-dictatorialisation. There are still enough people in prison.

And we should never forget: all this is surely as well a matter of a much wider array.


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