Slippery Ground: Committee Society

Addiction searching for never-ending reflection, undermining in an equivocal way practice, leaves, as Kierkegaard sees it, in a fatal danger. If nobody takes a decision anymore and thus nobody emerges with such decision as self, nobody is distinct from anybody else in a true way; we face a dreary leveling. Togetherness of human beings emerges as ‘public’, being an impalpable, anonymous ‘publicity’. Its characteristic is ‘babble’; every responsible speech drowns in ‘ramblings’. “Nobody decides anymore him/herself; one is content with setting up committees; at the end the entire era emerges as committee.” “But the mass is the falsehood.”

(WILHELM WEISCHEDEL: Die philosophische Hintertreppe 34 große Philosophen in Alltag und Denken – from audio book – my transcript and translation)


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