Contrasts – Having Left or Arrived?

After the more or less unpleasant trip fromWarsaw to Ankara going to bed at 1ish, getting up at 4ish and feeling …, well kind of back home. The suitcase is still unpacked, I am working a bit. Jogging – not on this stupid *****hotel-gym-belt but through the forest: breathing the fresh air rather than the malodour of the fellow-gymnasiasts; listening to my audio book – and the barking of some stray dogs rather than the clatter on the other belts in the gym; having such a nice cup of Turkish coffee then – and I cannot resist a tea afterwards, much simpler, more modest than the modern furniture here in the campus rest next to the apartment building, much more genuine than the dressed-up people who had been around the days before: not to be glorified or if so than only for not denying contradictions; then strolling a bit around – adventure not because Turkish exotic life but because of the contradictoriness, the permanent changes in life: visible in faces, buildings …., visible in the tensions between different processes and the processing of the various tensions.

And an adventure by facing the dangers? At least we have now road-markings here, dominant to an extent that had not been there when I had been here the first time, some years back now. Taming or incarceration – and leaving us with the question: who tames the tamer; and how will incarcerate them when it turns out that they are just like any other deathsman, now only coming along pinstripe-suited.

2 pensieri riguardo “Contrasts – Having Left or Arrived?

  1. Where is the energy of the Turkish people going to harmonise/ maintain incompatibility of the contradictoriness or to move to modernisation, the road-markings you mentioned?


    "Mi piace"

    1. sometimes I see even more dangers as the road marking is one thing, the amount of helicopters flying again and again over the campus, the mass of police around: today in town, heavily armed and carrying glass shields is another thing. And I may come back to it another time, asking myself if the shopping centres, currently mushrooming are not part of it – well, yes, I guess I have to come back to it …

      "Mi piace"


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