While Sitting in a Train

March 31st, 2011

No, I don’t have problems with being a Buerger – nor do I have problems with being anarchist, finally both goes hand in hand anyway.  So I am sitting with my 1st-class super special offer train ticket, enjoying** the couple of hours trip MUC-KASSEL (although this much shorter trip is more expensive than the recent trip BUD-MUC which had been much longer, indeed), notice that the DB has definitely better seats than the OeBB (both standing in the shadow of MÁV which I used last year for the 13 hours trip), also noticing that there are some other small advantages as a complementary copy of the SZ (Suedeutsche Zeitung) for the citoyen and a free FAZ (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) for the bourgeois. And it also offers some provocation: A young woman passes by and presumably her boy looks around. The woman sitting more or less next to me asks him: ‘And, where are you going?’ (I nearly hiss: Don’t say it. She’s a b… mole).  – To my granny. Are you also going to your granny? – No, I am going to work. – And the man (the little lad points on me, though he asks the women on the other side of the little corridor of the train)? – I don’t know … — I go to work as well. — The mole comes back on stage: we aren;t as lucky as you are. — Now I cannot stop, don’t hiss but say with a gentle and positive voice: Well, you can’t say that. Work is just great fun.

It hadn’t been so much the protestant speaking out of the words, more the anarchist. I really think work is great – the problem is to co-act with petty bourgeois who are just soooo busy with complaining, sooooo eager to put together answers on new management strategies, soooo exhausted by writing mails apologising for not being able to send an an answer that work sees really to be nearly impossible ….

the real Bueger, the citoyen Hegel saw labour as

the accidentality of coming   into possession being transcended (aufgehoben).

And he sees it as

universal interaction and education (Bildung) of man

which is a matter of

recognition which is mutual,or the highest individuality.

Perhaps as well enjoying the double status: Buerger, i.e. citoyen (you know he had been very much into Bildung = education and formation, somewhat near to Schelling and Fichte) and anarchist …? A (high-speed) train journey apparently does not transcend only time and space ….

** though I do not really like if they bring the coffee to the seat here. not because I am afraid to be somewhat deprived of my independence and not because I do not like to be spoiled. More because this kind of service is somewhat close to submissive serfdom – just the anarchist

3 pensieri riguardo “While Sitting in a Train

  1. Just another train story:
    yesterday on the train from Graz to Vienna – I was going to work too, though only 2nd class 😉 (no special offers at the OeBB – many people complain about the seats in the Railjet, I haven’t tried yet).

    The woman next to me felt a bit uneasy. „I only very rarely take the train, only if there’s none of our cars in Graz“ ??? She was going to a small village in the mountains, which she loves mainly for the fresh and clean air – well, actually she wasn’t giong directly there, but first to Vienna to get a car there and by that going to the mountains (which is more than twice as far). I told her that I’d lived near this village for many years before moving to Graz. How could you leave this place for Graz, she wondered – this terrible air, you can hardly breathe! Every Friday, she said, I sit into my car and try to get out of Graz as quick as possible.
    Later she called somebody up and, in a very commanding tone, ordered him or her to pick up her son at his school the next day – of course by car – and bring him to the mountains immediately. In my direction she added: poor boy, the air, you know …

    It’s true, Graz is Austrias capital of dust pollution – unsurprisingly!

    "Mi piace"

    1. Perhaps there are two points mentioned in this why it is occasionally 1st class train tickets are cheaper: nobody takes the train without special incentive and rail companies have to show that it is not all and not all and always and in the entire trains bad.

      "Mi piace"


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