An interesting concept of academic publishing

Reading in :”Die Marktrwirtschaft des 21. Jahrhhunderts”  (The Market Economy of the 21st Century) A stunningly meaningful sentence – I translate it here: “With this we arrive at the infinite tale of pensions. I am sorry: I can only repeat what I said in “Gescheitert” (“Failed” – the title of another book) and on many other occasions.”

And then the author writes it and repeats it. In a book where he criticises today’s capitalist market economy and frequently calls for environmental awareness and caution. But the book sells well, Mr Flassbeck, despite it just repeats what you already said yourself elsewhere? And the rainforest will still have enough wood, after wasting some of it for the paper on which the repetition is printed and marketed? – Well, there is somewhere something wrong …

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